We're TRANSFORMING! Miss Kim is your new PERSONAL CHEF!

Chef Kim Cabbagestalk - Personal Specialty & Dessert Chef

Kim's In the Mix

Restaurant and Dessert Cafe's 

last days will be 


(August 27 & 28, 2015).

But, have no fear, because now you'll be able to order from the full array of Chef Kim's Down-home Ice Creams and Desserts for tasting parties, events or ... just for you!

Until our website is fully updated with the new personal chef services, dessert list and party packages, you can email Kim at kimsinthemixrahway@gmail.com with any questions about how and what to order!

After 20 years in the food business, Kim Cabbagestalk has won awards for her authentic southern cuisines as well as her exquisite homemade cakes and pies.

BUT, few know that Chef Kim began her journey as an ice-cream chef extraordinaire!

While living in Easton, Pennsylvania, Kim began creating her delicious homemade ice-creams that made her a local legend with favors like Apple Bottom, Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake and Gin Rummy. "I really love mixing up unusual combinations ," says Chef Kim, "but I've had to put that on the back burner when I opened the Rahway restaurant because I've been so busy making all my signature entrees and dinners."

While still in Easton, Kim was tapped by the city to cater their annual community bash, the Chocolate Lovers SoirĂ©e.  Her assignment? To provide a smorgasbord of luscious chocolate desserts for ... 500 people!

"I cooked and baked non-stop for three days, making everything out of my tiny kitchen. I probably baked about 25 chocolate cakes and pies like Chocolate Praline Caramel Cake and Crushed Oreo Ice cream Pie, not to mention custards, puddings, cookies and lots of my homemade ice cream."

Once Miss Kim added fabulous cakes to the ice-creams the original "In The Mix" was born, a popular behind-the-scenes dessert business providing fresh, designer ice-cream, cakes and pies to many of the fine restaurants and cafes in the area. 

And that's where her heart still lies. 

SO, it while it may be goodbye to 221 West Main Street ...

it's HELLO to Miss Kim - Your Personal Chef!

"... the homemade desserts are out this world!" on ZOMATO

Kim's in the Mix is a great place for home-cooked soul/southern food ... the homemade desserts are out this world - 

Wedding cake, red velvet cake, butter poundcake, bean pie and more. 

"Red Velvet Cake ... it was beautiful and delicious and served more than 20 people!" on TRIPADVISOR

Everything is homemade
by Kim herself. 

So many different kinds of 
cakes and pies 
available all times. 

I ordered a 4 layer red velvet cake for my friend's birthday and it was beautiful and delicious and served more than 20 people (as they said).

It was fantastic and everyone loved it and asked for the card. Highly recommended.

"Big soft peaches, cinnamon sweet crumbs, and super moist crusty pieces... on YELP

My mom and I stopped by Kim's on a search for a great pie or dessert treat. 

On display were no fewer than twelve varieties of cake and cobbler, one more mouth watering than the next.  I tried the peach cobbler, and Mom had the German Chocolate Cake which was rich and moist.  The cake portion was more of a bittersweet chocolate which was a great offset to the thick sweet coconut filling.

My cobbler was served heated and was everything I wanted it to be.  Big soft peaches, cinnamon sweet crumbs, and super moist crusty pieces.  Each bite had a different combination of favors and texture - SO GOOD!  

Meanwhile, I need to get back for the Hummingbird and Strawberry Chocolate cakes!

"... super moist chocolate cake, velvety cream, and a sweet layer of strawberry compote in the center with a fresh strawberry" on YELP

Kim's Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake
Boy I've been eating very indulgently lately, considering Thanksgiving just passed and I decided to join my sister for a Sunday brunch at Kim's In The Mix.

I decided on the chocolate strawberry shortcake (being a big chocolate fan), and I was rewarded with one of the best pieces of cake I have ever eaten; super moist chocolate cake, velvety cream, and a sweet layer of strawberry compote in the center with a fresh strawberry.

I was literally getting tingles with each mouthful of this delicacy.

Conclusion: As Yelp describes 5 stars; this is "As good as it gets!"

"Seriously the absolute best thing I have ever eaten in my whole entire life!" on YELP

Every time I take a bite of the banana pudding from Kim's I think to myself, "This is seriously the absolute best thing I have ever eaten in my whole entire life" - the rest of the food and people that work there are great too, but man oh man that banana pudding is something else.

Dessert was amazing! 

My man and I got the banana pudding, strawberry banana cake and the German chocolate cake to share after dinner one evening.  

The German chocolate cake was pretty good with an outstanding traditional frosting, however, the strawberry banana cake and banana pudding was some of the best I have ever had. 

Overall, it was certainly worth the trip and will definitely go back!!!

"They've got specialty ice creams such as red velvet" on YELP

They've got specialty ice creams such as red velvet. 
 A great selection of inventive desserts arrayed in cake plated across the counter. We've tried the bean pie (really different but delish), red velvet and amaretto poundcake. 

"A refreshing glass of mango infused lemon-aid, deeelish!" on YELP

Mango and Lemon Lemonade

Kim's In the Mix offers a variety of southern staples along with a tantalizing selection of homemade desserts. 

Plus custom lemonades - we enjoyed sipping on a refreshing glass of mango infused lemon-aid, deeelish!  

Dish portions are ample but be prepared to wait (patiently) since food is made to order.  For dinner we had the chicken fried steak and chicken with waffles; both were equally tasty.  For sides we tried the green beans, collards, potato salad and hush puppies.