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Kim's in the Mix, 221 Main St., Rahway; (732) 943-7101

Kim Cabbagestalk easily wins the award for best owner name of Munch 2013, but the cakes are the draw in her cozy soul food restaurant. There are 15 listed on the menu taped to the counter, but ask what else is available; she's done "hundreds'' of different cakes over the years.

Her banana pudding cake is either the best pudding or the best cake I've had in years. Maybe both. The menu also includes catfish, oxtails, chicken and waffles and other Southern standards, but save room for dessert.

Not only that, but our now famous
Banana Pudding Cake 
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Search for state's best cakes 
takes Munchmobile on long, sweet ride

Take a group of 15 and 16-year-old girls, feed them cake all day, and what do you get? One of the more unforgettable days in the Munchmobile's 16-year history, and believe me, there have been a few.

"I thought I was going to keel over like Aliza,'' Julia Blake said.

That would be Aliza Sherman, who quickly earned the nickname "Cake Queen'' from the crew because she seemed to know every bakery, and slice of cake, within 50 miles.  Let the record show no one keeled over on this trip, although the Cake Queen seemed to hit the wall at the seventh and final stop in our search for the state's best cakes.

"The banana pudding cake was probably the most amazing cake I've ever eaten,'' Hannah Abrego said at Kim's in the Mix in Rahway.

"It's simple but it's like arrrhh,'' said Sherman, sitting with her fellow Munchers outside the restaurant.
"Arrrhh?'' I asked. "Can you give me a word for arrrhh?''

"There are no words,'' the Cake Queen said simply.

It was that kind of day. Down was up and the sugared-up Munchers were never down. Nobody was caught napping on this trip; energy levels stayed high if not stratospheric. We sampled two cakes at each stop, going ga-ga over great cake, cringing at the crummy stuff.


Kim Cabbagestalk - yes, it's her real name - opened her soul food restaurant five years ago. The menu includes catfish, oxtails, chicken and waffles and other Southern standards, but many customers know Cabbagestalk for her cakes.

There are 15 listed on the menu taped to the counter, but Cabbagestalk said she's made "hundreds'' of different cakes.

Best single cake of the day? To me, that was easy - the banana pudding cake at Kim's. Call it sweet creamy pudding-y perfection.

"A very moist and flavorful banana sensation,'' McCormick said.

"Perfect for a hot summer day,'' Blake added.

The pineapple coconut cake was less popular.

"Decent, but we couldn't find the pineapple,'' Allie Davanzo noted. "The coconut shavings gave an awkward crunch to the cake,'' McCormick added.

[We say,  taste it for yourself! We've sold more Pineapple Coconut Cake since this article came out to people who did just that!]

But that banana pudding cake is in the running for this summer's best dessert. "Homemade custard, homemade cake, fresh bananas,'' Cabbagestalk said of the recipe.

Kim's In The Mix, 221 W. Main St., Rahway; (732) 943-7101; www.kimsinthe Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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"My favorite place was Kim's in Rahway" says Peter Genovese, Food Critic