Zur Gallery

The Vanishing South Collection

"I've always loved shooting landscapes," says Zur Cabbagestalk.  "Especially down south, where there is such character and history wherever you look." This collection of landscapes celebrating this part of America is just one aspect of the wide range of photographic artistry offered by Zur Gallery which includes classic art, advertising, glamour, portraits and limited edition fine art.

The Vanishing South Collection came about when Zur began to notice a disturbing trend. The covered bridges and windmills have given way to multi-plexes, condos and golf courses. 

"It's a classic era that is steadily disappearing. Gone are those ramshackle little cabins on the lake that you can only get to by rowboat. Even the swamps are getting filled in and manicured, " says Zur. "It's gotten to the point where the moss doesn't even want to grow down there anymore."

The Vanishing South Collection of white churches, storefronts and glorious nature are on display throughout Kim's In The Mix restaurant and cafe. These photographs are Zur's way of preserving a memory of a simpler era made all the more beautiful by the patina of age.

For a full depth appreciation of these works, visit Kim's In The Mix Cafe in person or peruse his works online at www.zurgallery.com.